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Campground Reviews of
Campgrounds with Beautiful Views

The Camping With A View Idea

Welcome to Camping With A View, dedicated to writing campground reviews and a campground directory of campgrounds that have camp sites with beautiful views. We are Carl and Claire Zimmerman and one of our favorite pastimes is to go camping, especially in places where we have beautiful views of natural settings from our camp site. Our ideal camp site would be like one of those in a typical RV brochure which has a photo of an RV in a beautiful natural setting, completely away from all other signs of civilization and you wonder - where is this place and how in the world did they get there?

Unfortunately, sites like these aren't often practical, much less attainable, for most campers. But we've found that, as long as at least one side of our camp site has an unobstructed view of a beautiful setting and the other three sides are situated so that we don’t feel like we’re “on top of our neighbor”, we can be very happy.

With this in mind, the search for great places to camp, and the desire to share our findings with others, is what led us to the idea for this web site. We hope that “Camping With A View” will be a valuable resource for you in finding campgrounds and camp sites with beautiful views. We will continue to add to our selection as we gain more information from research, our readers and our own camping vacations.

Beautiful View Criteria for Campground Reviews

Our simple criteria for selecting a camp site with a beautiful view are:

1. One side of the camp site should have an unobstructed view of a natural setting (ocean, lake, river, pond, mountains, forest, desert landscape, etc.)

2. There should be enough space between camp sites so that you have some sense of privacy and seclusion.

Help us make our database of campgrounds and camp sites with beautiful views grow as large as possible and submit your own campground review. Specific camp site numbers and photos are especially appreciated.

All the best to you and happy camping!

Carl and Claire Zimmerman


Our Method for Including Campgrounds in Our Directory of Campground Reviews

The selection of most of the campgrounds and camp sites included in “Camping With A View” is based on one or more of the following: 1) our own visits to, photos, and reviews of campgrounds; 2) information researched from various other web sites; and 3) personal experiences received from campers like you. Whenever we have personally visited the campground, we note that in our review.

We also looked at:

• reviews of campgrounds from other campers
• photos and/or video clips of campgrounds and camp sites
• park campground and other literature

In many cases, we called and/or corresponded with campground personnel for more specific information - asking for their recommendations on their most scenic sites. As much as possible, we include links to the web sites that have the original information that we reviewed so that you can evaluate this information and arrive at your own conclusions. All of our recommended campgrounds and camp sites are ones that we would camp at ourselves - if we had the time.

If you've camped at one of our featured campgrounds or know of other campgrounds that have beautiful or scenic views and would like to share your experiences or photos, please send them to us (submit a review or send your photos).

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